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As some of the readers know, I do a lot more than just snap photographs. I have been cycling for over a year now, mostly street riding. However, with this year, I have found the love of trail riding with my bike.

Now I do have a mountain bike that I ride, regardless of the course.  It is a Trek Marlin, which is a 29er with disk breaks.  I love that bike.  I have made only one modification to it, which was put hybrid tires on it.  It makes for a slightly bit more slippery on the mud of the trails, but it is not bad.  The only course I have been on is the Lawrence River Trails, located in Lawrence, KS, but I hope to be able to hit up a couple of more trails this year. I have hiked the a few more trails, but they do not seem to difficulty as what the River Trail does. It I personally like the River trail mostly do to the layout, the hills and turns. It is a lot of fun.

However, with the possible move to Savannah Georgia, I have also checked out things there. With six different trails there, it seems to be perfect, to do a great ride on a six mile single track and then go relax at the beach after at Tybee Island before I head home and work on graduate homework from SCAD, and I believe that this should also allow me to take some amazing photographs as well. 

To be completely honest, I am so excited to through and get down to ride new areas.  I am not saying that anything is bad around here, not in the least bit, but being able to ride new areas, see new things, and go new places will be the best adventure yet, just me, my bike, and my camera. 

Another good thing is I am thinking about joining a cycling team. The team I am thinking about joining is the GP VeloTrek. I have even been contacted by the head of the team who wants to sit down soon and shoot the breeze about bikes over a cup of coffee or two, either today or tomorrow, January 27. 

It has been incredibly warm weather outside for January here in Kansas as well, with temperatures in the lower 60s today and maybe as high as in the lower 70s by Wednesday, so I might have to head out and hit up the trails again this week.  The weather is too perfect not to.